Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yarn Help !!!

As soon as I typed this title the Beatles's song ran through my mind. Help, I need some body, Not just anybody, please, Help! But really I do need your help. I am just about done with my shawl. But I am afraid that I will not have enough yarn to finish. Do you know anyone willing to sell... Knit picks, shine-sport yarn, in silver sage? Please, Please send them my way!!! I really do need help, yarn help that is.

On the book front I am currently reading Better off. It's interesting to think of living a simpler life. I think it is much harder to accomplish than what the author leads on. I also think that they stumbled upon a very helpful group of people who choose too also live simply. I haven't finished the book so at this point, I am still keeping an open mind about somethings.

Today I am linking up with Ginny.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do over

Ï am starting over with the Farmer's wife blocks. I had started well over a year ago, and then burned out. I wasn't happy with how mine were turning out. I felt disappointed that I never finished it. So I went looking online and found a way to download the templates in a more reasonable fashion.Then I got to work, again! I am starting over completely. This way I don't have to try to find matching fabric or go back to fix old mistakes.
This time I am working on things differently. First off I printed all of the templates and spent time cutting them out. From this point on I traced the needed template on the the fabric. I did a few at a time and placed them in an envelope to keep myself organized.
This way all I had to do was have a day of sewing. So far I completed the first 18 out of the book, with much more success. I hope to keep this momentum going.
Could I possibly use my ironing board?