Sunday, October 31, 2010

Close, but not done...

At this point I hoped to show you a complete and finished project. One with quilting and binding and ... That didn't happen. Just because it's smaller than most of my projects doesn't mean much. Lately the time just hasn't been here. I could share all the excuses why. But really life just happened. Regardless I should be happy. I branched out and tried new things. And hopefully soon I'll have something finished to share.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


There really is some creativity going on here. I work on it when I can, it works as a great stress reliever from classwork. I am officially at the Mid point of the semester, and the amount of work I have pouring in shows.

So I find myself questioning my motive for blogging. Do I get on here enough? Do I share enough? Is my writing interesting? Really I wanted to share some of the things I enjoy in life, hoping that you may enjoy them too. But I find myself saddened that I don't have a huge following. I am convinced that it is still early in my blogging experience. Although here is what I decided... I don't want to force you in to being a follower, and I am not going to bribe you with giveaways. If you want to see what I have to share then keep reading. As for me I'll share what I can, when I can.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall chores

We had a beautiful fall day, and decided that while the weather was nice we would work on some outdoor chores. Mainly the digging out of canna's. Normally we wait until after the first hard frost. But it was just too tempting to do it while the weather was decent, it definitely didn't feel like an October day.And the remarkable thing is that the boys came out to help. Two teenagers doing manual labor, and helping mom. I got a great set of boys! We dug out the canna's from the front yard, from behind the outbuildings. We have ton's, well over 6 laundry baskets. I have a traditional stone and dirt basement where they will reside until spring. Then I give them away by the tons.

After all the canna's were put away for another year. I enjoyed some time outside, practicing my picture taking. All summer long I waited for the dahlia's to grow. At this point this is the only one I got, and soon it will have to come out,too. But at least I have a picture.

Did you get allot accomplished this weekend? Did you find time for some of the things you enjoy?

Friday, October 15, 2010


I must have went wrong somewhere. Because the pattern says that the blocks should finish at 7 and 1/2".
Mine are finishing at 9". Now I am reconsidering where I originally wanted to put this upon completion. Seriously now I am debating how I want to finish this. So I have it pinned up to my felt door until I decide. Maybe you could help? What do you think about??

Short and tall/or flipped on it's side short and wide
Or I could go with the square option?
I was hoping to have this together by the end of the weekend. That way I could start on the quilting. That opens up a whole other ball of wax, handquilting vs. machine??? Regardless I'm still in love with the fabric, :) Bliss, absolute bliss I tell you!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On an impulse...

I was on the computer last week, and made an impulse buy. It's a first for me, to buy a charm pack or any fabric online for that matter. But what can I say... it's truly bliss!

I could be in love, from this point on. So you are curious if I've cut into any of this. Of course I have. I can't have it sitting in a box forever. It is just too beautiful.

And what better way to make sure I stay on track than to join a group of others working on a project. Or maybe it just gives me a deadline, I work better when there is a deadline. So I have joined, Stina at Pink pincushion for the Le Petite, a year of small projects.

This could be just the kick I need about now. After all small=accomplish able!

To find out more,visit Stina at:

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I don't know about you, but I love to get something in the mail, except bills. Especially when it a letter from a friend, or a new book from amazon, or the JoAnn flyer with coupons. Love it!

So sometime last week I was doing my usual blog reading, aka. distraction from school work.http:// When I ran across linda's post about passing it forward. I couldn't help but join in. Really it's quite simple.

1. You respond to this post saying you would like to pass it forward. (about 3 please) And I will make something for you, sometime in the next year.
(table runner, knit scarf, something handmade.)

2. Then you post about this on your blog, asking others to join you and then you make something for those 3 people.
I have been thinking about this, those of you with out blogs. Well I'm changing this part a bit. If you want to participate and you don't have a blog. All I ask is that you make something for someone else, whom you don't know. Donate it to a shelter, a nursing home, someone who needs a pick me up. And if you share a picture and story with me I'll post it here.

There is no big points here for making something out of great fabric to brag about your worth. This is simply on opportunity to make someone's day. :)
So l look forward to hearing from you.