Sunday, July 25, 2010


As a mom not every day is easy. Someday's you have appointments to run to, things that need to cleaned and dishes that never seem to end. It makes for very unhappy people, myself included.

But there is also days where you can become a Hero! It's amazing how a small item from mom can turn a frown upside down.
This week I took some time to do some sewing for my special one. I bought this Lightning McQueen fabric as soon as I seen the tutorial for the pillowcase at http:// But the reality is that it came home to be washed and then it sat and waited for me. While the wait lasted long enough, this was the day to make pillowcases and once I got started there was no stopping. I could just go on and on about the tutorial and the ease of it. But the important part is that I brought a smile to my loved one today. May the dishes and chores wait while you spend time with a loved one. I'm off to go read a bed time story.

Friday, July 2, 2010

life is an adventure

Really it is true "life is an adventure... "and here is where I hope to take you through the adventures of my life. You will find that I have many pots in the fire. Depending on how you look at the situation you may consider things handled or not. But the reality is that I am trying to love every bit of this life.

So let me take you through a little bit of what makes me, me!

First and for most I am a wife and a mother... This is one of my biggest adventures and the one I am most proud of. Here is where my heart lies. Do you see those beautiful boys I live with? Yes, I am the only girl in my household and most days I'm okay with this.

Second I am a returning college student... It's never to late to try and reach for that goal. It's just a little more challenging.

Third I love to be creative, gardening, sewing, quilting. Here is an area that I do not have under control. I want to takle it all. I always have something to fidle with around here.

Here in lies all the things I hope to handle in life. Some days go really well and others well not so much. Regardless, I am trying to make the most of it, and keep a handle on it.