Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm not quite sure why I always think of summer as relaxing. Because the reality is that it is not. I'm just as busy during the summer, except there is a daily routine.

But last evening it rained, so I didn't have to water the garden. Love that nature did it for me! That gave me the opportunity to change my attention to something more relaxing, binding. As everyone went to bed, I sat and listened to it rain. I don't believe there is anything more refreshing than the sound of rain, especially when it has been so dry.

Granted I didn't get it all done in one evening, but at least it's started. Sometimes with me, that is half of the battle.

Friday, July 22, 2011

FWQAL- Week 8

Lately I have seen bow tie's all over the blogsphere. They seem to be the new hot thing for summer. So I made one too, for my FWQAL of course!  I can see how this block can become addicting. Simple yet stunning, there is alot to like about that combination. But I'm going to just stick to this one. At least for now.
Block 10- Bowtie
Block 70- Prairie Queen
Sometimes's it's hard to resist the urges of the internet. There is so many good projects out there.
Block 98- Waterwheel
Do you feel the tempation to start something new? Even if you do have plenty to finish first.
Is it because of something you seen, or just because you feel the need?
Block 93- Swallow
Personally I have somethings on my creative wish list that is stronger than the desire for chocolate. That means something right there, because sweets are one of my weaknesses. With this in mind, I would love to know what creative thing is temping you? 

Beans, Beans, Cantalope

The garden is in full swing, I've been able to pick green beans twice this week. This is my first year trying bush green beans. I'm very happy with them. I don't think that I'll go back to the climbing variety. These were just too easy and productive. What's not to love?

After picking  I quickly retreat back indoors. The heat is just too much. So there is no open windows, or laundry hanging out. Because it says 97 degrees but it feels like a 123.  Yes! this is a whine.

Normally I like summer, I like to be warm,
I like the sunshine,
I like to see the butterflies upon the flowers,
these are a few of the things that say summer to me.
I caught this while going from the car to the house. Apparently it doesn't mind the heat.

But this week it is the sound of the air conditioner running, so back indoors are we are.
In an effort to find things to keep him busy, I let him make melon balls. There was a ton of funny faces involved, as he put way too much effort into this. It was seriously hard not to take over and just get it done. I successfully resisted that urge and by the end of it he was getting the hang of it.
Thinking that everyone may need a refreshing snack we shared our snack/rine with the pullets. I'm not sure if I have shared these 3 with you, we got them late May. Until they are get a bit bigger they are residing in the dog kennel.
Because these 3 believe in ruling the roost.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

something new

After many false starts, I have started on something new.

The only down fall, this one could take a while.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Bug & FWQAL week 7

I was going about summer in my usual fashion, each day there was plenty to do.
The garden has and still is abundant in cucumbers. More than we can eat each week. So I made some bread and butter pickles.

Each of the boys have had doctor's appointment's, so we have spent plenty of time in waiting rooms. They are two healthy boys, or they should be after these appointments.

I managed to make 2 blocks for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along. This seems to be the only quilting I manage to get done these days, and even this seems a challenge.
Block 84- Spool
How is it when there is more time to be had, I still can't seem as productive as when I have less time?
Block 91- Strawberry Basket

Anyway when I was busy doing all of these things, I got a bug bite. It got red circle and  I ignored it. Then it caught up with me in a big way. I started to run a temperature of 101.5. Once I got to this point I was getting nothing accomplished. It took everything I had to make through the doctor's appointment. There is a possibility it could be Lyme's disease, or just a really bad sinus infection, or both. As of right now I'm on a great antibiotic that should knock it Out!

I sure hope this summer time bug never bites you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


If you are stopping by from Sew we Quilt, Welcome!
Please feel free to look around my blog, it's new and little, but it's a place that I can branch out my creative self. Unfortunatly the holiday weekend took a toll on me, so there isn't any sewing or quilting here today, but soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th & More

Happy 4th of July Weekend!
May you enjoy the holiday weekend, with safe travels, time with family and friends, an opportunity to be off work for an extra day (real independence) that you can use any way you wish!

But please return on tuesday,
because I will be featured...