Friday, May 24, 2013

My traveling project

We have been helping to take care of my husbands grandparents. On Sunday's we travel to their house. While my husband takes pop grocery shopping, I stay with Nan. I do a quick cleaning, its easier without the guys and then I sit down with nan.

Our conversations go like this:
Nan: What are you doing?
Me: I am taking perfectly good fabric cutting it into smaller pieces and sewing it back to together again.
Nan: That's stupid!
Me: (She has dementia, so I take this with a grain of salt) I proceed to show her one of the completed blocks.
Nan: That's crazy!

In a way this quilt has been crazy. There are no real big instructions and the whole process takes a lot of time. No rotary cutting here!

My process was this. I would trace the templates on to the fabric, cut and place my pieces in a labeled envelope. I would maybe get one or two done while talking with Nan.
On Monday, I would sit down at my sewing machine and sew a couple of blocks together.
It was like working on a puzzle. I would sit with the book and my pieces and match everything up.
Often my seam ripper was my best companion during this process. Over the months my pile of blocks grew. And it was finally time to put the whole thing together.
 This is the helper who may have been a quilter in a past life. If there is fabric involved she is right there.
I just couldn't resist laying the top on my bed when it was complete. I felt completely crazy during the process at points. But the reality is that it was all worth while. Now on to the hand quilting. My patience should be really built up after this project.

 Will I take on another tedious project like this... hmm, ABSOLUTELY!!! Just give me a week or two, I'll be dreaming up something.

Linking up with Crazy Mom quilts for a Friday finish.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shutter- scraps

I finally joined a quilting guild. It is probably one of the best things that I have done for myself!!!!!

It is great to be around a group of people who have the same obsession as you. One new friend gifted me this book.. I am loving it. I think I could work the whole way through this book and not get bored. I may have to do just that.

One of my other new found friends gifted me scraps. These ladies  knew just how to reach my heart <3 .="" br=""> I got to work and sorted  all of the scraps into color and then on to the cutting process. That took awhile and there are no fun photographs of that step.

After I cut all of the pieces I got to work on the piecing. This part went much faster. I started this quilt on my new sewing machine. I got a Featherweight, Yea!

Learning to use an older sewing machine was odd at first, as I am use to a computerized machine. But after learning all the ins and outs of the machine, it was like plugging away. Finally I had all 110 blocks.
*each of the logs here finish a 3/4 of an inch.
The hardest challenge of this quilt was laying it out in order to get all of my blocks separated enough that there weren't big blocks of color all in one spot. The cat was of no help during this process as well. I think I ended up laying out 5 times because she kept interrupting.
The finished quilt is just stunning. The picture doesn't do it justice. I am never disappointed with scrap quilts. The more variety the better. Not to mention that all of these pieces have found a purpose.