Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheat sheet

In a rare occasion the professor is allowing us to bring a cheat sheet to class for a test. At first I though this was great. After all I have a ton on my mind and it would be great to relax a bit and download my concerns on to the paper. I could walk into the class feeling confident, after all I would have a cheat sheet that I wouldn't have to hide.
So I have gotten out my paper and pencil. There is just one problem. Every time I review, I feel confident, everything seems to make sense. I know this stuff... I think. My paper is sitting empty. Which makes me worry, then in turn I study again, and again. Somehow I think this was a cruel study trick. Darn Sociology!

This blank paper is making me crazy. I better put something on it. The test is tomorrow!!! HORROR, and it's not even October yet.

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