Monday, September 13, 2010


This all started with a donation of fabric from a family member. Maybe this fabric was meant to be pillow panels or place mats? Anyway it just wasn't my style. Don't get me wrong. I like sunflowers, just outside. I believe I read somewhere if you still don't like the fabric, than you just haven't cut it small enough. (Bonnie Hunter)????

I was following directions... but this time I wish that, I paid more attention to the directions. If so I would have realized that the chain pieces finish at about an inch and a half. Or that I could have constructed the blocks more log cabin type method, rather than what I'm doing. Slow, steady, slow, steady. There I go talking out loud again and trying to convince myself through this.

I have absolutely everything cut, and have 4 blocks finished. These 4 blocks make me nervous. Should I keep working at it if I don't like it? There is an awful lot of white in this. I could tea stain it. umm?? Should I add something to it? Maybe I just need the right inspiration, I bought the book Embroidery Companion, Classic designs for Modern Living, from Alicia Paulson at http://http// Maybe the plain blocks just need something. Like this stencil that I bought years ago. Maybe it would make a great stencil for embroidery?
As of now, I'm undecided...either way it is far away from a completed project.
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  1. I have a real hard time working on something I don't like. But perhaps the embroidery is just the thing that would set if off!


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