Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall chores

We had a beautiful fall day, and decided that while the weather was nice we would work on some outdoor chores. Mainly the digging out of canna's. Normally we wait until after the first hard frost. But it was just too tempting to do it while the weather was decent, it definitely didn't feel like an October day.And the remarkable thing is that the boys came out to help. Two teenagers doing manual labor, and helping mom. I got a great set of boys! We dug out the canna's from the front yard, from behind the outbuildings. We have ton's, well over 6 laundry baskets. I have a traditional stone and dirt basement where they will reside until spring. Then I give them away by the tons.

After all the canna's were put away for another year. I enjoyed some time outside, practicing my picture taking. All summer long I waited for the dahlia's to grow. At this point this is the only one I got, and soon it will have to come out,too. But at least I have a picture.

Did you get allot accomplished this weekend? Did you find time for some of the things you enjoy?

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