Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On an impulse...

I was on the computer last week, and made an impulse buy. It's a first for me, to buy a charm pack or any fabric online for that matter. But what can I say... it's truly bliss!

I could be in love, from this point on. So you are curious if I've cut into any of this. Of course I have. I can't have it sitting in a box forever. It is just too beautiful.

And what better way to make sure I stay on track than to join a group of others working on a project. Or maybe it just gives me a deadline, I work better when there is a deadline. So I have joined, Stina at Pink pincushion for the Le Petite, a year of small projects.

This could be just the kick I need about now. After all small=accomplish able!

To find out more,visit Stina at: http://www.pinkpinchushion.blogspot.com

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  1. Beautiful fabric. Have fun with the Paganini - I did.


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