Friday, May 27, 2011

A buzz

This one wants to be a beekeeper. For years he has helped his adoptive grandparents with their bee hives. He is remarkably calm as I would be running the other direction.

So this year he has been putting forth the work to keep a hive of his own.It really makes my heart swell to see how much work he has put into this. At one point I even caught him reading up on it, go figure!  When you can find something that has their interest, go for it.

I don't think he wants to turn it into a career, just a hobby. Although it's hard to say, as he's lining up farmers who would love bee's but don't want to be the one working with them. I'm trying to convince him to take it slowly to see how this year works out. If all goes well, we can talk more about next year.

At this point he has all of his boxes ready, and this weekend the bee's will arrive. There for a period of time we weren't sure it was going to happen, something about where the bee's we ordered they were honey bound. So at this point we are keeping our fingers crossed that they really will come this weekend.

I know this young man is anxiously ready.

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  1. This is so wonderful that they are working with and producing bees! I would be scared to work with them. But, our world sure needs these bees...and great people who are willing to work with them. =)



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