Friday, May 20, 2011

A classroom quilt show

Yesterday was a day of smiles and high fives. Because a lot of hard work was done by the students, and this was there time to show it off. A big thanks goes out to my son's teacher, she put a lot of blood, sweat and tears of joy into all of this.

Each student had the opportunity to make one quilt that would be given to the Ladies & Children's Bethesda Mission.

But before they were sent off they had a quilt show. Each quilt was hung around the classroom. The students had a diagram of how they laid out their blocks. They also named each quilt.
This is my son with the quilt he made. He came home and told me about every day. He was so happy to do something that mommy does. I wonder how many times he told the teacher that "mommy does"? And because I donated my old, green, heavy cursed loved machine, he even got to use mommy's machine, too. So glad they got more enjoyment out of that machine, than I did.

Although they are not pictured here, everyone had the opportunity to make one quilt to go home with them too. And of course we picked spider man fabric :)
I'm sure from all of those smiles that everyone will have something to remember.


  1. What a great way to make beautiful memories!

  2. Fabulous quilts. Well done everyone - a great post.

  3. Great job everyone! What a fun project!


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