Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Straight to the point

Today I am going to be completely honest with you. I make a TON of mistakes. This week is no different. I got the directions for the pieces on Friday and then had a busy weekend. I didn't have the chance to get started on piecing until Monday. But that wasn't the only thing on my mind, so I did not focus completely. I read and re-read the instructions again quickly and started on the piecing. I was off to the races.
I am having trouble getting my photo's true to color. In real life this has more of a red look.

I was disappointed with how my points were turning out. What was I doing differently? Was it my cutting? Was it that I was racing to get to the next thing on my list? Was it my seam allowance?  I decided that it would be okay to have a point or two cut off. The colors of this quilt were picked especially for a friend, who is going to love the quilt regardless of a point. So I plugged on and they got better as I went.

So I finished all 128. BUT WAIT! I don't need that many. I only needed 64. So in the long run I have plenty of pieces that points are not cut off. But I also see seam ripping in my future, or more piecing. Have you ever made such a foolish mistake?

Mental note: Listen to Bonnie, "It's not a race! It's NOT a race!" Maybe if I say it enough it will stick.

As for this post, it is meant to show my own mistakes. It does not reflect on the mystery in anyway. The mystery I love! My mistake not so much!


  1. Love it. Glad we can laugh at our mistakes, I know I have. Do you use the eyebrow razor to unsew with? it works wonders. I learned that trick from Billie Lauder, then Bonnie showed it to us on QuiltCam. I said oh I know how that works. It truly is very helpful. 3 pack at Walmart $2.99

  2. LOL, I'm there with you as far as geese loosing their beaks:) I do the best I can and my geese are getting a little better the more I do them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am fairly new to quilting and had never done flying geese before, but I find that the more I make the better I get at not cutting off their beaks! You aren't the only one that made to many. Hang in there Charity. Happy Sewing!

  4. Great colors and fabrics! Best wishes!

  5. Did the same mistake once and cut out two quilts for the one I was making. Love your colors.


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