Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apple Cider 101

I didn't get to share this a few weeks ago. So how about now. We had the opportunity to share the fall day with friends, who should really be more like family. It was a day to remember.

Step 1: Collect apples and maybe a few pears.

This can be done various ways. But it's always good to have a kid climb the tree. Then shake the tree with friends below. Laughter will ensue.

Step 2: Wash the apples

During this step you want to give eviction notice to the worm. Or possibly send his home back out to the field.

Step 3: Throw apples into the masher.

Step 4: Smash apples until all the juice runs out. Then drink in limited amounts with friends.

I have read that you could make your own apple press. For more info check out http://http//

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