Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have been a military wife. It’s a very difficult job. But very rewarding. I have been able to live in Germany. But I have also seen my husband go to war.

In February of 2003 the world was changing. I sensed what was coming some how I knew that my husband would be called to serve and so would I.

The day that my husband left there was many tears. The children cried shortly but then he was gone. They said goodbye as if he was going to work not quite realizing it would be more than a year before they would see him again. My husband’s employer came and got his work truck the very same day. I think he took my heart with it. This was real. Brian was not coming home tonight.

As time went on, I taught our children about faith. Sometimes you have to trust that something will happen. One day daddy will return home. We go about our daily lives as best as we can. You learn to block out a good many things. You don’t watch as much TV or listen to the radio. You just trust.

We continue on, and are outside playing. It’s spring. I start to think about going inside. It’s almost dinner time. In the distance I hear a diesel truck coming up the road. I know it can’t be. But I have to turn and look. The boys start running across the yard, yelling “Daddy.” When they see its not him, they start to cry. I sit in the grass holding my boys telling them to believe one day daddy will come home.

We tried to share as much as we could through letters and pictures. We took things day to day.
Daddy returned home in April 2004.

The military has always been a part of our married lives, and I am certain it's part of our future. Our oldest wants to follow in dad's footsteps.

So I want to say "Thank-You!" to all of veteran's today and the families who support them. We appreciate all that you do.

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