Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spring ahead, Fall behind

Spring ahead, Fall behind the little ryhme I was taught in order to make sense of daylight savings time. But tonight it's ending for the year, so we set our clocks back an hour. But I really don't need the clock to remind me to fall behind.

(photo is from google images. Thankyou!)

I allready feel this way. I have seen what I have on my "To Do List". There is the laundry,dishes, running for bowling practice, dinner to be made, I have papers to write, items I want to make for the upcoming holiday, and the list could just go on. I sure you have something like this. I feel like the clock up above. For everyone thing that I seem to cross off, there is one more added. I really want to spend some time being creative. It helps me to feel like me, and not the housekeeper, cook, bus driver, etc. I feel energized if I have some creative time to myself. Then I'm ready for anything.

So I have devised a plan. If I do some of my schoolwork,some housework,and spend some time with the family. I may have 5 min to an hour to do something creative. So I'll set my little chicken timmer and give myself a time-out! I am off to my corner.

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  1. Woohoo for time outs! I'm all for them especially if it lets you get creative!


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