Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm having trouble focusing. What to do? Where to start? What is my timeline? Who needs what when?

My body says "maybe I should just stay here and recoup a bit." Pajama's would be great attire today. I sent the boys off on the school bus, the house is quiet. One day I'll follow up on this idea, but not today.

Today is the first day that I have had in a while that I don't have to travel from home unless I want to. The biggest trip for me is hopefully to the grocery store at some point. But you will not find this as my attire. I may be young but I hold some dignity to at least go to the store dressed.

My house says that someone should handle some of this...boring!

I want to do something for me. Something that doesn't have to be done under deadline, or necessity. I want to hide away in my own world. I have soooo many inspirational idea's that I want to get to. Maybe they will come to life today.

So I am spending some time here... I am much nicer than this guy... so long as you bring me cookies and allow me to keep sewing!

My mind is here and there. Today would not be the day to sit and have tea and company with me. I'm twitching, and moving and doing. But I'm not entirely sure where I end up or if I'll have anything accomplished for it. But I'm trying!

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