Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas season

It really is December 7th, already! The holiday season is here. I even have my tree up. Maybe I'm not as behind as I feel.
And it is finally decorated. It sat for a week with only lights. Each ornament on the tree is very important. Some our from our grandmother and the glitter is coming off. But I love them. There are some from our first Christmas tree. All of the little things the boys have made at school over the years. I'm thinking about making a special Christmas scrapbook that I could save all of the little things they have made to keep them a bit longer. They are getting a little worn in the box. But that's a whole other post. I'll keep you updated.

These ornaments came from my brother. Creativity must run in the family.

I haven't had much time for creativity lately. Finals are next week, so I'm cramming! Then I have a break until mid January. There is one thing I am hoping to have finished before the holiday, I just need to sew in my ends. These are my donation to a family in need, they are little doll dresses. Hopefully a little girl will need a new dress for her doll before having a tea party.

Sometimes you don't have to go big, sometimes you just need to be there for one another.


  1. Beautiful tree! The doll dresses are adorable.

  2. I know I can hardly believe we are but a few days away from our most celebrated season..I am sew looking forward to January...lol...till we meet again sweetie..


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