Thursday, December 30, 2010

deep end

Over the holiday I've been trying to take a break, ha! I so wanted to be spending time with the boys, ha! Unless I'm willing to go hang outside in the cold, play wii, or just drive them where they want to go, they really aren't all that interested in hanging out with mom. It's quite sad, for me.This transition of them growing up is hitting me hard.
Although if they are growing up and don't need my time as they once did, then I have time to sew. That is exactly what I have been doing. I'm at it again. I'm using the phone book to piece blocks together. It's working quite wonderfully. I'm following Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville on her mystery RollRollCottonBall. She said to "dig deep", I really hope she meant that.

Personally I think my emotions went off the deep end. Be prepared if your one of my friends from this phone book to listen to me whine about the boys, and how hard it is to find something we all share. You may not see it from this picture but my tissue box has been close by.

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