Sunday, March 27, 2011

Far from Empty

Do you feel a void? As if something is missing. Well if you are a crafter I doubt that is true. For I can think of tons of quilts I would love to fill this quilting hoop with.

I think about it during the day, when a bit of color strikes my inspiration.

I think about making something, anything, when my mind feels cluttered and stressed, from too much of this.

I discuss my crafting obsessions with complete strangers, with friends, and with family. To know me is love me and my crafting! I can't remember when this obsession started. But I know it is completely ingrained in who I am. If you were to come and visit me you would find a crafting magazine in the kitchen, a half pieced idea or thing by the table, a basket with yarn and needles by my chair in the living room.

I've had a wonderful converstations this week with friends about this very subject from the kitchen table to the blogging world. Thankyou Madamme Samm.

Why fill your life up with all of this creative stuff? Well for me it makes me happy. I'm richer in spirt. I'm not winning any prizes, or publishing great things. I'm just doing what I love. And I'm sharing what I love with those around me. As the 16 year old carpenter (once my one time quilter son), Asked if I would make his a quilt for his bed.

There is still creative work and love to be done, here. Maybe creative people change the world from thier house out? What do you think?

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  1. I think about quilting all the time as well. I wish I could make my quilts as quickly as I dream them up. Never a dull moment in my life because there’s not enough time to play with all my wonderful fabrics. (And yes I bore everyone with my talk about it, I’m sure.)


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