Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm still working on my RRCB quilt. My progress is slow, as life seems to happen. But I intend on getting to the borders this week. I have to admit that I considered adding a solid mitered corner borders, and calling it done. But wouldn't that be cheating? So as of right now, I'm going to keep going with the original design. If I'm lucky, it might end up on the bed by next winter. As it would turn out this is my spring break week. Although the weather doesn't really confirm it. Yesterday we had a full day of rain, by evening it turned to sleet and overnight SNOW!
As I keep sewing, I'm going to keep an eye on the creek. Which happens to look more like a river about now. As long as we have been here, it has never crossed the bank. The house itself has been here even longer. I'll still just keep an avid eye outside. Especially as we have the run off from this latest mess.

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  1. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your spring break and stay warm and dry!


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