Friday, July 22, 2011

FWQAL- Week 8

Lately I have seen bow tie's all over the blogsphere. They seem to be the new hot thing for summer. So I made one too, for my FWQAL of course!  I can see how this block can become addicting. Simple yet stunning, there is alot to like about that combination. But I'm going to just stick to this one. At least for now.
Block 10- Bowtie
Block 70- Prairie Queen
Sometimes's it's hard to resist the urges of the internet. There is so many good projects out there.
Block 98- Waterwheel
Do you feel the tempation to start something new? Even if you do have plenty to finish first.
Is it because of something you seen, or just because you feel the need?
Block 93- Swallow
Personally I have somethings on my creative wish list that is stronger than the desire for chocolate. That means something right there, because sweets are one of my weaknesses. With this in mind, I would love to know what creative thing is temping you? 

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