Friday, July 22, 2011

Beans, Beans, Cantalope

The garden is in full swing, I've been able to pick green beans twice this week. This is my first year trying bush green beans. I'm very happy with them. I don't think that I'll go back to the climbing variety. These were just too easy and productive. What's not to love?

After picking  I quickly retreat back indoors. The heat is just too much. So there is no open windows, or laundry hanging out. Because it says 97 degrees but it feels like a 123.  Yes! this is a whine.

Normally I like summer, I like to be warm,
I like the sunshine,
I like to see the butterflies upon the flowers,
these are a few of the things that say summer to me.
I caught this while going from the car to the house. Apparently it doesn't mind the heat.

But this week it is the sound of the air conditioner running, so back indoors are we are.
In an effort to find things to keep him busy, I let him make melon balls. There was a ton of funny faces involved, as he put way too much effort into this. It was seriously hard not to take over and just get it done. I successfully resisted that urge and by the end of it he was getting the hang of it.
Thinking that everyone may need a refreshing snack we shared our snack/rine with the pullets. I'm not sure if I have shared these 3 with you, we got them late May. Until they are get a bit bigger they are residing in the dog kennel.
Because these 3 believe in ruling the roost.

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