Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January whine and knitting

This is exactly how I feel about January. Thank you Charles Schulz!
Around here it is cold and blustery. There is no desire to leave the house at all unless you are contemplating running away from germs. In that case Good Luck! I think half of our town has been hit with this.
 You see it sounds as if there is a barking dog within the house. But it's just that cold season had officially hit my house, despite all requested shots. This one has sat with his nebulizer for days. Just about the time that he has started to feel better, hubby is home.

I am trying to distract myself with pleasant things, knitting and reading. I've gotten allot further on the reading vs. knitting. Maybe admitting this to you will give me accountability. I am working on a shawl. I haven't even gotten through the first section yet.

So I'll tell you a bit about the books I've read.
1. The Little Book of Talent, by Daniel Coyle
Everyone always says how talented I am for my handcrafts. I really don't feel that way. So when I seen this at the library I thought it would be good to read. What I need to take from it is to say "Thank you" more often and let it at that. The biggest thing that tugged at my heartstrings was to keep a journal. Just to write something, how I felt that day, what I need to do, a quote, etc.

2. Holy Shit, by Gene Logsdon
I have taken allot of ribbing from hubby on this book choice. But being a gardener and living in a rural area it has really made me more aware of something we don't normally consider a resource. If you keep a garden, or backyard chickens or both you are probably allready aware. But ths does show some insight to larger farmers and use of chemicals.

3. The Half-Stiched Amish Quilting Club, by Wanda E. Brunstetter
This book is purely fictional. I really don't see any of the characters and situations realistic.It reads a bit like a group therapy through quilting. Not sure its that simple.  But none the less sometimes one needs to be distracted  in reading (stop laughing) and this is a nice book in terms of there is no violence or porn. Just a simple story.

If you would like to see more of what others are reading and knitting please checkout this Yarn along.


  1. That yarn looks so soft! Can't wait to see more progress on your shawl :)

  2. love your color choice for your shawl!! Beautiful!


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