Thursday, January 3, 2013

Old to New Rocking chair

Are you wondering why this wasn't thrown away? Who would bring something like this home? Well the answer is my son brought it home, certain he could make a gem out of it.  
So this rocking chair went into an already crowded wood shop. He went to work tearing it apart  and sanding all of the wood.
Then it got brought into the house and I left it sit for months. Just wasn't high on my priority list.Why do his projects become my projects? Anyway, the longer something sits around here with out a purpose the more it bothers me. With the start of the New Year it was time to finish this one. It also helps that over the holiday break the guys were home so I had them lug the air compressor/nailer indoors for me.
The guys had put in new springs and I started on the upholstery. I got as far as getting the bottom cushion done and then realized that I was out of chair webbing. This sent me on a search. I called texted every creative friend have. Hoping they would have some and that I wouldn't have to leave town. No such luck. So between finishing Christmas celebrations and the celebration of the New Year, we made two trips to two different Jo Ann's to get what I needed to finish. Sometimes it just has to be finished.
I wanted the fabric to go behind the chair handles. So I called for his help once more. Did you notice the safety glasses on his head? He had been in wood shop working on the next project. The next one doesn't require my help. Yes, I can go back to quilting!
It truly is a diamond in the rough, and completely functional for a young man. Although I may wimper and whine during a task at hand. I have to say that I am very proud of my son, and it's not very often that we work creatively together.
In case I don't say it often enough... I am very proud of you and I love you soooo much!!! Now, get that sandwich off the chair, ugh!

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  1. The rocker is beautiful! I would have hauled it home too, but it would still be in my garage (as several chairs are) because I don't know how to reupholster. Wish I had your skills! Congrats on a nice job jointly finished.


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