Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Letting go

I am learning how to cope with my children becoming young adults. My hubby is doing so much better with this transition. Our oldest has finished high school, started a job, and travels around quite a bit. He make choices without mom. I want so badly to make sure he is okay, has everything he needs... mother! This is what drives him crazy.

Our other son I sent off to 4-H camp. Yes, 4-H is still around and going strong in this area. Anyway back to the subject. I stood in the parking lot on Monday convincing myself not to cry. He would be fine and have a great time. Once again I want to mother him, how will he know to change his clothes without me.

So on Monday when I came back home and it was empty I pouted. I couldn't seem to find focus anywhere. Tuesday I pushed myself out the door and visited with a friend. Then I returned home and decided to start a new sewing project. Not the one seen here.

Today is Wednesday, I am starting my day with coffee and hexagons. Trying to enjoy the peace of the house. By Friday everyone will be home and it will be back to craziness.

Stats: I am uncertain of how many hexagons I have completed. If I sit and count this post may never be completed. At this point I have  3 star points done, it will take 23 more to have a complete star. My goal is to have it that far by Monday. After all I still have a few days of no one around!

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  1. Oh Charity~ this is great! I'm just exploring the idea of making stars from hexagons (instead of hexagons from stars) myself and your WIP is very inspiring. Thanks for linking up~

  2. I'm from rural Western NY and 4H is very strong here. I went to Camp Wyomoco several years myself!

  3. Letting go of control is so difficult as kids grow. Nothing prepares you for how gut wrenching it is when they leave you. Just put my 17 yo daughter on the plane for six days in Mexico. No cell phones or Internet. How will I survive? Working on my 60 degree diamond quilt. Whew!


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