Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My first and favorite workshop

I did some thing very impulsive. I jumped into a quilt workshop class the last few days of registration. I just couldn't resist to see one of my favorite quilters, Bonnie Hunter!
Bonnie & Me, she is holding a sign for one of my guild members who isn't feeling well.
Without her I would have never stuck with quilting. She opened up my limits, essentially there isn't any. Due to the fact that I can not always buy a whole fabric collection to create a quilt. Now I focus on color.
The workshop went well, I learned quite a bit and meet some wonderful quilting ladies. I even had a chance to show Bonnie the quilts that I have made from her books and mysteries, you can see them here. She says I am really productive. The truth is that I have done one a year. But still it adds up.
After all of that fun, I returned home to a sick young man. It was so good to get away I will definitely do it again.

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