Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is still January

Today I did things a bit differently. I sent the boys off on the bus, knowing that they will return in a few hours. The sky is gray and snow is softly falling, as it will for most of the day today. The college was still open today, and I still had my own classes. But I decided to stay home today. It means more studying on my own. But I know that I'll be here when the boys return, and that's more important to me.While I had some time for myself, I took a walk outside. I had a chance to wear the beautiful scarf that my special one made for me for X-mas. I realized that I need to knit myself a new hat, one that will cover my ears. Mental note: Add hat to list of things to be done. One that hasn't been shrunk in the washer, would be very good. I talked to my girlfriends, as they too were looking out the window at the snow. I told the red one she was silly to malt in December. Thank goodness her feathers are coming back in a bit, or I would need to knit her a sweater. Can you just envision a chicken with a sweater? don't put it past me.

When I came back inside I found this...
One old lady trying to curl up in the smallest ball in order to remain on the couch. You don't get to see it, but she was wagging her tail and promising to be good.

Ah, The craziness of this house. It's probably good I took a day and played hookie. At least now I'm at an age were the truant officer will not come find me.

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