Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The road you travel.

"The road to Hell, is paved with good intentions"

I'm not sure who said it. But in so many ways this sums up me. There is always plenty of things that I want to accomplish. The world is big, opportunities are endless and I want to try a bit of everything. Normally this is also what gets me into trouble.

So why not get myself moving on something that I haven't tried before, applique. I feel in love with an applique block of the month, made by Molly at

I knew as soon as I seen it that I would have to make it.

Here is my first attempt/trial run! There is a few things I would like to do differently but this gives me a great starting point. Most important for me is to make it bigger. I would like it to nicely fill a 12'' block. What you see here is a 8"block.

So here I go with the best of intentions, wish me luck! My one professor said goodbye like this... "I wish you a rough road, may you be challenged. Through challenge comes growth" Maybe he's right!

What road do you travel? and most importantly do you wear your boots thru it?

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