Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A fan

I admit it, I am a Bonnie Hunter fan. I love that she uses every bit, and thinks of quilting green. Back in April, I had the opportunity to see one of her quilt trunk shows. If I wasn't in awe before, I especially was then.
Sorry about the picture quality. I have never gone to see a guest speaker before. Let alone one that I really like. I didn't know if people took camera's or not, and how the person would feel about it. So I ended up taking pictures with my phone. While trying not to look like a following crazy fan.

She was absolutely wonderful to meet. I so wish that I could have attended the workshop the next day. But I was two weeks away from finals. So I could only do the evening quilt show. It was enough to have me addicted. Although I don't think that I would jump to do the one she has shown.  

Anyway while I was there I ended up buying her new book. Because after seeing the Rectangle Wrangle in person, I knew I had to make one. Our 16 year old had asked me to make him a quilt and this would fit the bill. After many hours, I'm still a devote fan. But I'm not sure I want to do this quilt again. I made it without the border because he only has a full size bed, I knew he didn't want stars, and to  just throw borders on it seemed out of place.
With the top done, I'm now ready to get started on quilting it. Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie, your awesome! from a shameless fan, aka me.


  1. I'm a huge fan of hers also! I love her techniques for "bonus triangles" and how she takes her blog readers with her everywhere she goes with all the photo tours she does! I'm envious that you got to see her - although she's here in Virginia relatively often I haven't managed to cross paths with her yet. And that's a pretty amazing quilt top you put together there!

  2. I think Bonnie is GREAT too! So, you aren't alone in your Bonnie Hunter...."fandom" =)



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