Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Summer Worries

Before summer even started I was worried. Why? Because I have a special needs teenager. As if typical teenagers aren't difficult enough. Having one with special needs is interesting, And I was worried that there wouldn't be enough to keep him happy and occupied. But we have been having a wonderful time, and so far I haven't rushed to go replace the broken wii.

Today we went to the park and flew a kite. While hanging out with friends.

When we went to a friends house, we found out she has a tricycle. So he had his first opportunity to ride a bike on his own. Now we are adding this to the wish list of things to buy for him. Let me just say a bike like this is expensive to buy. As a parent I wonder if he would still enjoy this as much if it was at our house. Because the toy you always have access to, is sometimes the one you ignore.
Of course we have also spent time at the pool. But most importantly, one thing that we have done together is sew :)  
Sew as far as summer goes, there was no need to worry. At least not yet!

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