Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the knick of time

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a quilt for my son. Even though I really, really wanted to make him a quilt. I was struggling with the fact that I put the things I wanted to do on hold. Typical mom situation right.
Block 1-Attic Windows
I wasn't working on the quilt blocks that I promised myself. I had stalled out and started something new, and there was some serious guilt there. I mean after all you would think that I would be able to at least manage a block or two, they finish small. Why not fit in that little thing for me?

Block 2- Autumn Tints
But just when I needed it, blogging came to my rescue with a Quilt Along. Check out more here: Farmer's Wife QAL The best part is that I found it while still in the first week, which means for once I'm ahead of the game, okay, okay!  maybe just on time- remember I'm just a human behind this computer screen.
Block 16- Calico Puzzle
Block 34- Flock
So here is what I have at this point, 9 blocks made out of Deb Strain's fabric "Fresh Flowers" and Riley Blakes fabric.
Block 35- Flower Basket (still needs a handle)
I also have added a list to my sidebar. So when I get one completed. I'll add it there too.
Block 39 - Friendship
Block 61- Northern Lights
Block 62- Old Windmill
Anyway it has given me a renewed sense of vigor, pisazzz, pop! Wish me luck! or better yet, come join in too.
Block 102- Whirlpool
I may go back and fix that one triangle point.

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  1. Beautiful blocks!! It's important that you do something for yourself every once in awhile :)


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